If you are looking for a nuclear data cross section plotter that use to be hosted here then please goes to www.jshimwell.com .

The cross section plotter has also been improved to allow plotting of many cross section evaluations such as EAF 2010 , ENDF 7.1 , JEFF 3.2 , JENDL 4.0 , Talys 1.74 , CENDL 3.1 , IRDFF 1.0 .

It is also possible to include EXFOR data from experiments and many different reactions (MT numbers).

Different incident particles such as neutrons , alphas , deuterium atoms , gammas , helium 3 atoms , protons and tritium atoms .

The dynamic plotting uses the plotly api to produce dynamic graphs that can be easily customised.

The whole site is designed to be intuitive for users but requires a few pieces of modern web technology.

The website currently works well with google chrome however support for other browsers will occur (once they improve their HTML5 compatibility and JavaScript engines).

In total over 44,000 cross sections plots are available on ShimPlotWell Here are some example plots that can be produce with ShimPlotWell EXFOR ENDF EAF JENDL cross section plot produced at ShimPlotWell www.jshimwell.com (n,2n) reaction neuron mulitiplication cross section plot produced at www.jshimwell.com ShimPlotWell ENDF B V.II cross section plot from ShimPlotWell make your own at www.jshimwell.com