Bed of nails outreach


Ever wondered if lying on a nail might hurt, how about a couple of thousand nails? Come along and see a bed of nails in action.  Learn about how the combined surface area of several thousand nails can support the weight of a person (hopefully). Probably not as comfortable as a nice memory foam mattress but way more exciting.




How does it work?


Sitting on one nail would really hurt.


Sitting on a few hundred is not as painful as you might think.


Spreading your weight out over lots of nails helps reduce the force on each individual nail.


Also by increasing the surface area the pressure on each nail is reduced.







Events that the bed of nails regularly attends.


Email me if you would like the bed of nails at your event.


norton farmers

Dream bigger Dreams

Sheffield festival of science and engineering


Norton Farmers Market



Festival of the mind






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